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About Stacey

How I Help 

If you are seeking deeper connections with friends, loved ones and children- you've found the right place! When there are communications problems, I help you identify what drives the people in your world - why they do what they do. I teach you how can you communicate with those people in the ways they can hear you, and how you will teach them to hear you as well. 

As a Facilitator

Starting with a deeper understanding of yourself and clarifying how you experience the world, and from there we gently explore with curiosity- why you do what you do, and act the way you act.  As a talking partner and a mentor, I will walk down this path of discovery and personal development with you.  

As we explore the relationships that are most important to you- at home or at work, I can help you interpret behavior so you can ask new questions.  Asking different questions helps you to find the answers you need to communicate more effectively. I facilitate you finding the solutions that are uniquely right for you.

The Results

You begin to recognize the patterns of behavior and responses of yourself and others. You experience greater compassion for yourself.  Your communications become more effective and you feel more connected with your family and loved ones. 

 Hypnosis Creates Change

Hypnosis can help eliminate anxieties, fears, substance misuse, repetitive behaviors and make habit changes. I teach you how to use your brain in different ways to make changes, which can free you from the past and create the future you desire.

For Wellness Professionals-

I am currently offering professionals new ways to read their customers and recognize what drives their motivations. You stop Guessing what they want and provide what they need. Your customers feel they receive more value and find the success they seek.  For Wellness Professionals or call 970-440-1324 to find out how it works, and how it will help your wellness business reach its goals.

I bring a Master’s Degree in Social Services Administration and years of advanced specialized training to my clients and customers.  I also bring 25+ years of  experience, with thousands of people and their concerns. 

I welcome diversity including all body sizes, abilities, races, sexualities, genders, religions and political values.”

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What next?

Call me at 970-440-1324 and let’s have a conversation about where you want to go.   You can go to the scheduling page to set up a free thirty-minute consultation- to discuss where you are at and the steps to take to get there.