Are you ready to attract your aligned clients?

The Journey to Here & Now

You have served countless individuals- perhaps even in multiple capacities as your interests or circumstances have changed.

You’ve sought out personal development or business coaches- who are working with the “Driven and/or Ass-kicking.” While others might suggest that you have it in you to become – you just feel in your soul that you are not that. That energy does not feel in alignment at this point in your life.

You might have realized that caring too much, keeping up on the technical side, or running so fast for too long have drained the joy out of the work you’ve loved for so long.

You might have seen yourself as Solution- focused and practical,  felt called to help others and to have deeper, meaningful connections in your relationships.

You probably process experiences internally, thinking things through and also considering how you feel about the decision, or how others would feel (and sometimes experience analysis paralysis).

You are probably very private – used to listening to other people more than sharing about yourself, and leaving you with a sense of longing to be seen.

You might have even had periods of self medicating in some form and fashion, to manage the discomfort you didn’t quite understand.

Then there was that Pandemic thing…where much of life felt like it was on Hold.. 

As you approached doing business in this new world, with evolving technology and social media – well everywhere, you found that stepping into that energy of “making something happen” felt frantic as you went down rabbit hole after rabbit hole thinking and researching your new expression of yourself.

So I’m inviting you to my (quiet) party

My superpower is seeing beyond the surface to support the Introverts and HSP’s who are ready to be fully seen for who they are- and the Art of Gentleness. For their unique perspective, and for the Wisdom they bring to each situation. Once I stopped comparing myself and my gifts to others, I recognized that my offerings will speak to those who have experienced similar fears, concerns, and uncertainties. This is your invitation to do the same.

I’d been a Therapist and Hypnotist in private practice for a number of years. I kept coming back to how temperament helps to understand ourselves and other people, truly and deeply.. Temperament underlies personality- and it is the Core of who we are. One common unconscious bias is that Human Beings go through the world, often believing that others experience the world in the same ways we do. When we can recognize the differences between us as humans, we can find the places where we make the deeper connections with others.

I listen to business and marketing Podcasts for Coaches/Helpers and Healers. What I’ve found most interesting, yet rarely discussed -is how we can easily and quickly recognize the temperament of others- which unlocks their motivations, their drives and how they experience the world- and offers the keys to how you can help them get to their next level.

While many people recognize themselves & their favorite clients as Introverts-it is only one piece of the puzzle. Not all introverts are alike and if your Introvert focused business is not recognizing the fundamental differences and motivations-

You might be selling them what they want-

but you might not be giving them what they Need!


What if I told you that a shift in perspective will allow you to recognize the needs- below the wants?

For the Mental Health Professionals

We’ve been taught to look for diagnosis- for what’s Wrong with the person/couple/family/system, often before we can get to know their strengths. Temperament allows us to see clients differently- moving beyond any diagnosis. Diagnosis may be important, and it may not be necessary to help the people in front of you. This energetic shift allows us to see what is- without judgment, without needing to solve a problem. Imagine quickly moving past the story to recognize the need behind the words, so you facilitate change driven by the clients’ unique motivations.

You will use your abilities to read between the lines and discern what your customers are saying- as well as what they are not saying?

You will help them become clear on their wants & their needs, and speak to those- as a result being someone they Know and Like

You can help your customers make decisions with more ease (and effectiveness) because

  1. You know How they Make their decisions
  2. You can know what their decision making process is
  3. You recognize & understand generational differences that influence their decisions


Client survey responses have said things like, “I really felt you saw me for me” and “your help has changed the way I feel and act.”

“After working with life coaches and a career coach, I really felt like I was broken because the approaches they used did not suit me.   That led me to feel like I was throwing my time and money away.  But when you emphasized that I would have an experience based specifically about ME, and you would help reveal the qualities that make me ME, I was all in”

I help the professionals who are changing directions and tapping into their intuition. Those who are beginning to identify the steps necessary to launch the next expression of themselves to bring to the world. The professionals who are bringing their work into its most genuine and expanded version through the tool/lens of inner design.

Together we will connect you more deeply with the people you are meant to be serving.

The Bonuses-

As a sensitive Introvert or HSP, you will model managing your own overwhelm and overstimulation and take self care to whole new level

For Helping Professionals


See how this works in action- call me to discuss a challenging client or circumstance. I’ll ask you a few questions and will offer you a few tips on verbiage to connect with that specific client – where they might be coming from; words you can use in speaking their language and recognizing what drives their motivations.

We will talk about your desires for your business in 2023- and Beyond, and how the Shift Happens that takes you to the next level.