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Three Things That Are Not True

What is True? We pretty much all go through life, expecting that other people experience life the same way that we do. Our temperament (our inner design) tells us how we experience the world- how we restore our energy stores; how we take in information about the world; how we make decisions, and our preferred lifestyle. The…

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Be Who You Are

How to Use Introversion as Your Superpower

The Course If you enjoy personal development, I recently had a free course published, Introversion As A Superpower– at Lifevise– the Platform for Personal Development. It includes 10 daily, ten minute lessons covering: how does it work; tips and tricks for managing your energy; socializing; relationships- at home, at work and parenting, and more.  The…

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An Introverts Thanksgiving Overwhelm Tips

Introverts struggle at holidays- Thanksgiving is typically a time when families (both of blood and of choice) gather together to share food and drink. There is planning, preparation, serving food and sharing, and then afterward- football, holiday season movies and shopping. For many Introverts reading this, perhaps your stomach has begun to clench, tension is…

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I’m Leaning Out

It’s no secret to many people who know me, that I am an Introvert- which means I turn inward to restore my energy. I came to understand that I was spending more and more time in my head- thinking about my business, planning how to do things differently and how to evolve in ways that…

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