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Evolving Awareness



e·volve – verb –  to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state     


Accidentally or purposefully-

How do you perceive that you made a significant change in your life?  Was it because you were ready for something different, or because life seems to have a sick and twisted sense of humor?

Change in life can happen in several ways- as a result of a tragedy or upset, or because someone else has made a decision, or because we make a decision.  I wish I could say that most of mine were because I made a decision. I can definitely see in hindsight that everything that has happened in my life- has had a purpose- typically to get me to the next place where lessons were waiting for me!

Gifts of the 40’s & 50’s

One gift is that we can give ourselves is permission to Change and Evolve. What fit for me 30 years ago,  certainly doesn’t fit in the same way now. What fit 15 years ago, no longer fits either. This has been a journey with many strange twists and wonderful events along the way.

My personal favorite has been the awareness that  “just because I can do many things- does not mean that I should do them.”  There are many things I’ve done in the past, that someone else can do more effectively and often for less money than the hours it would require for me to do them.

One easy example is- Websites. I’ve done many of them- but there are people who can produce higher quality sites, in less time, without the frustrations and headaches!

A glimpse of the media offers numerous reminders of how quickly the world is changing and evolving, and the technology which has intended to make our lives easier has begun to make life more complicated, and at times overwhelming.

The Perception of Change

For many of us, change can be intimidating, even frightening- whether we are facing changes in our relationships, our careers, and even physical changes as a result of maturing, or illness.  I’ve come to respect change, and have decided to welcome it as my mindset.

Hypnosis has taught me that by changing my perceptions of events, I can experience things differently. For example- I no longer use the word “pain” as it has significant emotional charge and instead prefer the word “discomfort.” I can manage “discomfort.”  We can choose our perceptions of the events in our lives. We can perceive ourselves as victims of our circumstances, or reframe our experience in a manner which is more empowering. Changing words may seem silly- particularly as both can be true. If you could choose to be in pain, or in discomfort- which would you like to choose?

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