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Consulting & Mentoring

People problems - Can cost your business everything!  

Motivations are behind everything- why we do what we do- whether it's serving others, buying, selling, working out, making changes in our lives.

  • Individual goals which are not aligned with your organizations' goals
  • Individuals personal problems which get brought into the workplace
  • Personality differences which are limiting your group from doing its best

I specialize in empowering individuals and groups who help or serve others  

I help individuals, groups, and companies with their people problems

  • Develop skills and habits which ensure efficient, effective communications
  • Recognize and bridge any gaps between an individuals motivations, values and goals, and the organization's goals
  • Coach group/team members to understand their customer's motivations and use their language to help them solve their problems
  • Identify and develop individuals strengths, empowering them to be their best
  • Mentor their team members to exceptional customer service

InnerKinetics® is transformational training based in the science of temperament, and provides actionable insight, research-proven tools and it works. Call me at 970-440-1324 for a conversation about how these tools will solve you people problems and take your business to the level of success you've planned for.

Services can include

  • Leadership consultation session
  • Between one and four targeted workshop sessions
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Leadership debriefing session.

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