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What Changes will you experience with Hypnosis in 2019?

I Love talking with people about Hypnosis! Did you know that Hypnosis Helps People Change Their Minds?

I’ve recently been working with people to Release experiences that no longer serve their best purposes- What would you like to be free from?

  • Like the woman who had been limited by Anxiety for Years;
  • or the Man who’s fear of his past ski accident/injury was preventing him from skiing in the Effortless way he Knew he could ski again
  • Or the young lady who couldn’t stop herself from checking and double checking things..
  • And of course there was the person who was finally ready to Easily release tobacco from her life because it was time to have surgery. She had the Best Surgical Team and she wanted Optimal Results, and her smoking habit would definitely have impacted the surgery….

Are there some beliefs you have about yourself (like I’m Trying to quit) or your situation that are no longer useful?

While it may not be an Instant Miracle for some, Hypnosis is known to be a short term therapy for a reason. What would you like to be Free from?

If you’re ready for change, or even curious about how it works, please give me a call at 970-440-1324 or Go to my calendar to schedule your appointment!

By the time someone calls me..

They have “tried” everything else- Doctors, Therapists, Psychologists, Self-Help, talking with friends and loved ones.

And sometimes their concern is So Personal & So Secret, that they just carry the weight of it around with them – All the Time,..  for years

Clients have even told me “I have carried your business card with me for a year!” or “I was searching on the internet when I realized that you were the one I’ve heard on the radio.”

And “suddenly” they realized that they were ready to make changes at a deep, subconscious level – or carry it around for the rest of their lives.

My clients typically see lasting Relief in three sessions, and long-term concerns in six to ten sessions.

For Relief  – please call 970-440-1324

Through Hypnosis, my clients go from “Trying” to make changes, to successfully Making changes in their lives! I teach clients techniques they can use, anytime, anywhere to help themselves.

How Will Hypnosis Help You in 2019?

Look Below!

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Our Specialties – Anxieties, Fears, Trauma, Habits

  • Your thoughts, beliefs and/or actions have caused you anxiety, shame, and fear. You want to end habitual, and repetitive behavior. You just want to look in the mirror and feel Good about yourself.
  • Everyone experiences things in life, but for you, some things have just never left. Traumas play over and over in your mind’s eye. You want to stop living it over and over again.
  • You’ve tried everything to stop smoking/chewing tobacco- and nothing has worked. You Need to become a non-smoker
  • You stopped smoking, but have realized that you are more Addicted to the Nicotine in Vaping!
  • Test-taking simply paralyzes you so you aren’t performing as well as you Know you can!

Finally Found Relief

“I highly recommend Stacey Horn as a Hypnotherapist to anyone who struggles with an on-going emotional issue. I had addressed something in therapy with little success but my problem was resolved after two sessions with Stacey. I found her to be so kind and conscientious about her work.”            “What a great experience I had with her and Hypnosis.”      PG 03/18

How Hypnosis Works

The “why” you have a concern isn’t necessary to resolve the concern. After Hypnosis with me, clients usually begin to notice a “lightness”, an Absence of their concern. They notice things getting progressively better, progressively easier, and other people begin to notice they are better- more confident and more comfortable in their own skin.

Our initial Hypnosis session may take up to 90 minutes, although it usually lasts 60 to 75 minutes. Follow up sessions may be completed in 50 to 60 minutes.

Depending upon the concern and changes desired, the average number of sessions I conduct is between three (3) and six (6). I do offer several packages for multiple sessions to give you the success you’re seeking.

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The use of hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958. It is completely safe when practiced by an experienced, professional hypnotherapist.

There has not been one documented case of hypnosis doing harm to a person.


Are you ready for change?

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I was a smoker for about 15 years before I found out I had a brain aneurysm and needed surgery. I was a mess – scared, anxiety and smoking! She helped me stop smoking and was calm and able to deal with what I was facing.          AS


What kind of concerns does Hypnosis work for?

I’m sooo glad that you asked that! I specialize in working with clients who:

  1. Experience anxiety, panic & related things- nail biting, skin picking and hair pulling
  2. Habit changes- stop tobacco, cannabis, stop alcohol use or manage it differently
  3. “Clean up” past experiences, relationships, traumas- release current reactions to the past
  4. Sleep problems- Insomnia, early awakening, difficulty falling asleep
  5. Experience chronic pain- and want to manage their discomfort differently or perhaps minimize or reduce their medications

Do you take control of me?

Absolutely Not! You are in complete control of yourself- just relaxed. As a matter of fact, you cannot be made to do anything against your will, values, or morals with Hypnosis.

Will I remember everything?

Another good question! For some clients, it feels like it’s a dream you can’t quite remember when you wake up. Other clients do remember many of the things that are said. I am offering suggestions to your subconscious which we co-created during our conversation, so when your conscious mind recognizes what you want for your self- it may decide to check out for a while.

How will I feel?

Most clients say their body feels really relaxed, maybe their arms and legs feel very heavy or very light. Some people describe it as “floaty” or “buzzy”, and some are pretty sure that they fell asleep. Many clients say they emotionally feel lighter, feel relieved, feeling good.

How will I know if it worked?

That one is a bit more difficult to describe! It really is individual. For example, when a tobacco cessation client walks out of the office, they are a Non Smoker! They are not “Trying” to quit- they think of themselves as a non-smoker and they don’t pick one up if they have a temporary urge, because they Are a Non-Smoker!

Clients who have struggled with anxiety or panic usually notice a difference within a few days or a few weeks. Sometimes they are even surprised that it’s been a “while since that happened to me.”

Clients who have had traumatic experiences often notice that they aren’t having the reactions to loud noises, and they aren’t repeatedly reliving the events. For some, the pictures in their minds of the event seems to have changed- they’ve faded, there is some distance between them and the event, and for many they simply feel they are watching it vs experiencing it.

Sounds like relief doesn’t it?

Couple gets double satisfaction from hypnosis

“5 ½ years ago my husband saw Stacey Horn for a hypnosis treatment for alcohol addiction. We’re happy to report that he has been alcohol-free since then!

After seeing my husband’s results, I decided to see Stacey to help me with eating healthier. After the first treatment I noticed I no longer felt guilty for eating so called “forbidden” foods such as pizza and nuts.

I still wanted to eat healthy so I returned for a second visit and wanted to give up processed sugar foods. 6 months later I am happy to say I no longer eat sugar products (cookies, cake, and even chocolate hold no desire!). The extra perk is that I am dropping unwanted pounds.

Thank you Stacey!”

– Anonymous

Hypnosis is an amazing tool that offers you the chance to change your mind and change your perceptions.


Medical Disclaimer-
I am certified by both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnosis.

I do not attempt to treat or diagnose disease or mental disorders of any kind. Hypnosis in no way replaces standard medical procedures, but works in conjunction with them by freeing the client of feelings or attitudes that may be inhibiting his or her natural immunizing or other vital processes. Hypnosis helps to create strong mental expectancy and reduces stress, thereby normalizing the action of the autonomic nervous system.I believe that Hypnosis can be a valuable adjunct to medical treatment, but not a replacement.

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