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For Individuals

I Help Individuals Who -

  • Are seeking meaningful communications and a sounding board for their big ideas
  • Beginning to listen and trust that internal voice- the one that gives you information about people and situations?
  • Recognize they are more sensitive than others- feeling overwhelmed, drained by other peoples emotions and exhausted by social media

How I Help

You are not like everyone else- are you curious enough to explore why?

To understand your "original wiring" simply makes sense. It confirms what you've known and it re-frames so many experiences you've had. This changes how you've seen yourself and what you've been told about yourself.

Prior to the first session, you complete a 10 minute temperament assessment (located below!)  During our initial session, we review, verify and I explain your results. Following sessions can focus on your Strengths, and how to enhance them further!

The Introvert Connection

Depending upon your temperament, your expression of introversion will be different than other introverts. If you want to learn how to manage your experiences & relationships powerfully as an introvert, (quietly) give me a call at 970-440-1324. or email me.

The Temperament Assessment       You will receive the results immediately, please screenshot or forward your results to Stacey

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