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(Shh..,  I Especially Love Helping Introverts!  Quietly)

As an Introvert -

People may often mistake you for shy- but you're really very, very deep.

People may think you're very quiet, but you may just not be interested in "superficial chatting."

Other people may see you as an Extrovert, but don't understand how much energy it costs you to be around many people for very long.

I know you don't open up to just anyone, and I respect that. I am here to simply invite you to explore what's happening and to help you figure out what you really need and how to get it from the people in your world. I would love to help you learn about your natural strengths and how to use them in a focused way.

There is so much information out there about Introverts-

No wonder it's confusing!  Much of the information out there is simply not the whole picture. Introversion is how we restore our battery - by going inside/ quiet time in nature/ time with animals/a couple of trusted and loved people). I believe it is even more important to understand and manage your specific expressions of Introversion, by recognizing the strengths (see the whole picture) of your individual design!

Click on the link  The Temperament Assessment  to find out more about how you are uniquely made on the inside. Give me a call to learn how this works and what it means for you. This personal development process is not about the letters. This is how you apply the information - in your relationships, and in your work/career choices - all areas of your life.

We often go through the world, and naturally, expect that everyone else experiences the world in the same ways that we do. Surprisingly, that’s not true. When we can recognize both similarities and differences, it makes space for deeper understanding and connection with others. 

Let's have a conversation about how this could be helpful to you! (No pressure, no sales- just a complimentary 30-minute conversation about where you might be a bit stuck.)

Let's Just Chat

Introvert Connection -  Do you know your natural strengths? When we focus on our strengths, we can find what is uniquely fulfilling for us. It might be difficult for you to ask for help, and you just know there is more inside and perhaps you are sure how to express it.  Are you still looking for your tribe- whether it's online, or in your neighborhood or your community?  A place where you can just do you, and let others just do them? A place where you feel seen and accepted- with all of your "quirks" and characteristics- and without judgment?  Let's talk about how you can carve it out for yourself, in the ways it works best for you. Let's discern how you can manage your energy in ways that let you shine and bring your gifts to light.

In Relationships - You and your significant other have so much going for you, and if you could get a handle on this communications thing,.. Honestly, introverts and extroverts live life at different speeds. Once you start looking at it from this perspective, things begin to make different sense and you can slow things down as you figure out what works.  I can help you identify tools and strategies which will help you begin to communicate with each other differently, more effectively and more successfully!

In Parenting - Difference in this aspect also makes a difference in parenting! Extroverted parents can become very worried when their children aren't excited or perhaps even interested in being cheerleaders, or to participate in team sports- especially when these were so significant in their lives!  When we begin to understand how our children are different from us, it makes space to allow them to be everything they were designed to be- even if it's not like us.

As a Professional - You might have completed personality assessments at work which may not have uncovered your temperament- your patterns- urges, drives and preferences.  What we might present at work, can be very different at home, and the incongruence may feel exhausting.  You might even have sought out mentors, consultants and coaching programs to take you to the next level.  It may have worked in some areas of your business but not all. They may have been Extroverts if so, that program was likely designed for other extroverts with the push and sell at the speed of light.  Maybe that consultant couldn't see you for who you are as a quieter person, listening carefully, processing deeply, and needing to be Genuine in all that you do.

From one Introvert to another - I'm here to tell you that you can find success in ways that fit for you, and I can help you find it.