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Healers, Helpers and Professionals

Imagine-  Knowing your favorite client's motivations from your very first session- those that are behind what they are telling you?

You - would get hired to work your unique magic and your clients will share success stories

Your Clients- would Know that you see them, you hear them, you get them and you will help them!

I'm here to support Healers, Helpers (and mystics) in clearing their blocks to do their work in the world.

I help connect healers, helpers and mystics with their own human design so they can connect with their favorite clients with ease. Then you know how to speak to them- their urgency, their fears, their past or their future- and you help potential clients take action to make the changes they desire.

I am here helping Introverted Healers be seen and to do the healing they are bringing to this world.

I illuminate the Blind Spots

Whether you identify yourself as a Therapist, a Hypnotist, a Life or Health Coach, a Wellness Consultant or a Trainer- you are in business to help other people be their best.  As professionals helping others be their best- emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally- we need to know ourselves pretty well. We invest tremendous amounts of money and time in our educations.  And yet, even with all of this work and investment, we still have blindspots.

Human Beings often believe that everyone experiences the world in the same way we do and it makes sense to a certain degree.

The reality is that we do Not all experience the world in the same way. Believe it or not- many clients are not motivated to "reach their best and highest potential," or to have the relationship "of their dreams.”  They have entirely different motivations based on their perspective.  I help you recognize those motivations from the very first hour you spend together

The Difference This Awareness Makes

The more awareness you have about yourself and your work, the more clear and aligned you become- and you will attract your favorite clients.

If you already geek out on personality assessments, I can help you go much deeper.  If you know your "type", this will bring fresh eyes to it.  This is not about “personality”  nor about your four letters. This is a deeper dive into Human Design. Having this understanding frees you up to offer so much more to your clients. Ensure your clients feel deeply seen and understood - from the very first hour.

Just imagine how this will help your wellness business reach its goals! I am excited to bring this to more professionals, who are using this information to become more effective doing what they are great at doing!  I help others identify their Favorite  (vs "ideal") clients. Favorite are those that make you excited to get up in the morning again- knowing exactly how you can uniquely help them! You naturally use their language and specify their hurts to get them in your door- already knowing they want to work with you!

To find our More-  go to Temperament Key  and then give me a call at 970-440-1324 or email me at [email protected] 

Clients will Know that you see them, hear them, you get them and you will help them!

"The tips you gave me about my client K were invaluable. You set me on the right path from the start and she trusts me, respects my plan and understands I am doing what works best for HER! "   note from a client  March 2018" 

Regardless of your specialty or the expertise-

  • Your website will speak deeply to and attract your favorite clients
  • You will take your current expertise to a whole new level of effectiveness
  • Your clients will receive solutions which are targeted to their experience of the world
  • Your clients feel they receive more value and find the success they seek!


Hey Stacey, let's talk!

Where Do We Begin?

Completing the InnerKinetics temperament key- Understanding your temperament confirms how you experience the world, and then we Go Deeper.  Helping you remember your Strengths (that were always there!), release the shame that has you questioning if there is something wrong with you,  and the Fears that have kept you doubting yourself and staying unhappily "safe."

Releasing What No Longer Serves

Imagine, how you will naturally value your time and your work without those ugly voices and lies taking up space in your head! As you begin to focus on your strengths - your "hard-wiring" if you will,  it deepens your connection with yourself and this shows up in all of your relationships.  This re-frames why your work chose you!

Once you release these barriers, you are freed up to attract not only your "ideal" clients- but a schedule full of your FAVORITE clients.  This exploration allows you to be genuine in how you help.  Your inner knowing will Scream Joyfully that are living your purpose - And you build connections with those who are seeking you out- because they know, they like and they trust you to help them.

What does this mean for you?

  • This means you effortlessly know you are helping people be their best, and that you are naturally living your purpose!
  • You have successful clients, who refer other people to receive your services
  • Your lifestyle and even your bank account demonstrate Abundance in your life.

At the end of the day, I am a Soul Soother, who sees the needs behind the wants, illuminates your blind spots and simultaneously validates your life experiences and reframes it to hang like a loose garment vs the straight jacket that it may have seemed to be.

If this makes sense as a way to go forward, and step into your purpose and passions.. what are you waiting for? Let's get started! You have invested in your profession, you've got mad skills and you are already successful with your clients.  Clients come to You because they need help to make changes and they are willing to invest in your expertise! Professionals come to Me to learn how to answer these questions so they easily experience even more success!

For a complimentary 30-minute strategy session- about how these connections can help you become even more effective with your clients.

Stop guessing what they want and start knowing what they need.

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Deeper Connections with self and others

The Deeper Connections