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Seeking Deeper Connections in Your Relationships?

Relationships impact every area of our lives. If things aren't going well at home, that often shows up in how we bring ourselves to work. How we show up at work, may be very different from how we are at home. Do you ever wish that you could be as effective at home as you are at work? How about wishing you were as appreciated at work as you are at home?

This personal development process has been proven to change relationships and lives. As a communications specialist who knows what motivates and drives people, I can help you learn how to get your needs met at both home and at work or find the kind of work which highlights all of your strengths.

Couples and Marriages, oh my. 

  • Are you entering a new chapter in life - becoming empty nesters, or are one or both of you entering retirement?
  • Can you benefit from learning skills which are unique and specific to your relationship dynamics?
  • You do love each other, but you need to bridge the differences that have kept you separate
  • Have you forgotten how to connect with each other while you've been focused on raising kids?
  • Do you want more connection and less conflict?

I work with each individual, and the couple to understand how you see the good and the challenging aspects of your relationship. I help you recognize the patterns, drives and urges that you each have. You learn what your spouse/partner offers you, and what they need from you. As a result, you feel more connected to each other, and take things less personally. You begin to work as the team that you always knew you could become.

Call me at 970-440-1324 and let's arrange your free 30-minute consultation. We can talk about a situation in your relationship or family where you want things to change, and how that can happen.