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Healing Relationships

Do you want -

  • To be seen, understood and respected for who you are.
  • To feel more harmony and less conflict in your relationships?
  • Effective communication skills that you can use immediately?
  • To have the keys to understand others?

Understanding the motivations and preferences we each have can provide insights into your family members, loved ones, and your children.

As an expert on what motivates and drives people, I can tell you where your loved one is coming from and how to successfully respond (vs react.) I can help you strengthen your most important relationships.

Relationship Coaching for 1!

  • You want to understand the patterns in your past relationships to prevent them from repeating.
  • You want to understand how to recognize the person who is¬†a good match for you.
  • You're considering, or are currently separated, but really want this relationship to work.


  • You are newly together and want to lay the foundation for long term happiness and success.
  • You love each other, but need to understand how you see things so differently!
  • You have been so busy raising kids that you have forgotten how to connect with each other


  • Your children are very different than you are, and it's causing reactions that you want to change
  • You are restructuring your family and want to support your children in managing the changes and transitions
  • You're trying to launch your young adult children, it's not working, and things need to change- Soon!

This educational process has been proven to change relationships and lives.

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