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Are you struggling to find your purpose in life, and to have Deeper Connections with the people in your world?

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Make changes at a deep level with motivational coaching using hypnosis.


Feel seen, heard and understood in your relationships.

Help for Women

Successful relationships begin with discovering yourself.

Introvert Connection

Discover how you can turn introversion into a superpower in your life.

Consulting & Mentoring

Understand who you are designed to be to show up as your personal best.

Helping people discover how they are designed, becoming their best in relationships, as parents, and in their career choices.

The work I do is both Intuitive and Holistic, supporting you in engaging body, mind, and spirit. I bring an in-depth knowledge of the human system, and how you can engage your systems most effectively.

If you are -

  • An Introvert who wants to manage your energy or sensitivities so you can be seen for who you are in the world.
  • An Extrovert who wants to have a deeper connection with your significant other, your child or coworkers.
  • A part of a couple, who isn't satisfied with your relationship and want it to make it better
  • Experiencing Anxiety, Fear & Trauma responses; Misusing substances; Sleepless or Battling compulsive or repetitive behaviors.

I can help. Give me a call at 970-440-1324 and let's have a conversation about the changes you feel that you want in your life.


Shift Happens!

Stacey Horn