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Are You Seeking Deeper Connections with Self and Others?

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Are you seeking someone who walks alongside you while you practice new ways of being?

I am not in your shoes- so as a mentor,  so I can be an objective observer and a witness to your experience. As you share how you experience your life and your relationships, I can gently highlight the blind spots we all have, the parts of ourselves we don't recognize in ourselves, and sometimes don't want to see.

I can help make space for those parts and facilitate your ability to have compassion for yourself and others in those situations. It's like being able to see your life from a 10,000 foot view and regain the big picture to discern what steps you can choose to take next.

On this walk, we start with where you are now and get crystal clear on where you want to end up (the Solution you seek) We will identify what has not worked in the past, and focus on what has worked so you can do more of it! As you become more aware of your strengths, and we will focus on making them stronger.

Working with Me Helps When You

  • Want to understand your patterns, and to tune in and to connect with your family members and children.
  • Might be Introvert who needs to manage your energy or sensitivities so you can be seen for who you are in the world
  • Are a Mother who wants to understand your daughter, and bridge the differences so you can connect and have the relationship you wish for!
  • Experiencing Anxiety, Fear & Trauma responses; Misusing substances; Sleepless or Battling Compulsive or Repetitive behaviors
  • Need to communicate effortlessly with difficult people, or simply understand those who are the most important to you

Let's discover practical solutions that are individualized for you and your life.

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Shift Happens!

Stacey Horn

I welcome diversity including all body sizes, abilities, races, sexualities, genders, religions and political values.”

I help you understand yourself and others

at deeper levels of inner design, patterns, and preferences


You have Tried everything to make changes, Stop Trying and Succeed 

Healing Relationships

Eliminating Conflicts Between Mothers and Daughters

For Individuals

If you've felt Different from other people, and want to finally understand Why.

Wellness Professionals

If you are ready to release the shame, the imposter syndrome & stop comparing yourself with others? Let's go Deeper