I See You Stacey Horn
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Many Introverts found that working from home fit our need to restore our energies with quiet and alone time. If you think about it, this time also showed many of us that we can let go of the ways of being, that never really served us. Does it feel like it is time to begin living in ways which honor your whole (quiet yet powerful) self?

Do you have the feeling that something is beginning to bubble up inside you, and you don’t quite know what it is- but you Know that something is there? Are you ready to express yourself differently than ever before?


I specialize in helping sensitive Introverts discover how you can feel Seen- in the ways that are right for you- without feeling like you had to contort yourself into someone you aren’t. I want you to support you to recognize how to communicate your vision and experiences in the words others understand,  so they respond in the ways that let you know you were heard.

I am passionate about helping individuals & experienced professionals bring their life and business into its most genuine version – through the lens of your inner design.

I serve as a guide, a mentor to having deeper connections with yourself, as well as others.


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As A Result of Working with Me, What Would Change?

  • Introverts & Sensitive Persons will reframe their experiences
  • Manage Overwhelm and Overstimulation
  • Take Self Care to a new level

You will recognize the different “operating systems” of others, and improve connections with others who operate differently than you do.

Notice what cultural, generational, or life experiences may have prevented you from seeing about yourself.

Acknowledge the differences between the roles you’ve taken on to fit a position or career, and who your inner design leads you to be.

You finally find “your tribe” of other sensitive introverts and you realize you are Not Alone. Knowing that you belong to an understated, yet powerful group of deeply inspired & intuitive individuals.


Curious how it would work for you? Start here to

Discover Your Inner Design


What Will You Experience On The Other Side?

You recognize and manage your flow of energy in the best way for you to serve others.

Allowing yourself to be truly, deeply you – (without apologies) & then aligning your activities & interests from that place

You find your success – while moving through the world at the rate & pace that best suits you


(Caution- as this impacts the quality of your life at home- as well as in the wider world)




Hypnosis services may deepen your changes!